Vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds provide a practical and economical solution to covering a variety of windows, from the basic to up to 16’ high. They provide excellent light control from full light to close off light. They provide insulation for a room by reflecting out direct sun rays reducing heat gain in the Summer and cold in the Winter. The 3 ½” vertical vanes are available in smooth solid finishes, perforated textured and embossed PVC material. The louver material contains UV inhibitors to block the sunlight to provide a room darkening effect. 

The blinds are controlled with a cord draw to traverse the vanes across the headrail and a chain to rotate the vanes open and closed. A wand control may be selected to provide a child safe operation and a more convenient control on patio doors.

Valances with rounded corners or traditional square corners, or wood cornice boxes are available to enhance the overall look of the blind.