Roller Shades

Roller Shades come in a broad range of materials from open weave sun screen fabrics to room darkening materials to completely control the suns light. These reduce heat gain in a room in the summer and keep the cold out in the winter. Sun screen shades give daytime privacy while defusing the suns glare. Light colored fabrics will brighten any room as the suns falls on the shade cloth and dark colors will reduce the glare on computer screens and televisions while giving a clear view to the outside. They also greatly reduce the UV rays giving protection to your furniture and floor coverings. Sun screen shades can also be installed outside of the window to substantially reduce the heat that hits the glass providing increased heat reduction in the room. Translucent fabrics give day and night privacy while allowing light to flow into the room. For complete privacy and light control, room darkening fabrics are ideal to darken a room for sleeping. The ultimate treatment is to have a sun screen shade for day time use and a room darkening shade for full privacy and night time use under a single fascia to provide a complete window covering package.

Today’s roller shades are generally operated with a beaded chain controlled clutch to make it easy to raise and lower to exactly the place you want to shade to stop. In addition for special applications or hard to reach windows, various motorization options are available for hardwired 120 volt motors to battery powered motors with remote control transmitters.

Various top treatments are available to finish off the roller shade by hiding the roller behind a cassette, fascia, cornice or valance. There are also various bottom rail treatment from plain to enhanced finishes