Cellular Shades

Sundance Offering a great Contemporary look and outstanding insulation qualities, these shades can be used in any room of the house. The fabrics are available as a single cell of 7/16" sizes or a double cell for additional insulation on your windows. The shades stack into a compact space when up to not interfere with your line of sight out your windows. The “Light Filtering” fabrics give complete privacy while allowing soft light to enter the room. The “Room Darkening” fabrics are exceptional at darkening a room for sleep or to keep the sun from reflecting off a television or computer screen. You get both fabrics with the “Day and Night” feature.
Other practical options are the “Top-down/Bottom-up” feature (as shown in the pictures) allowing you to cover which ever part of the windows you want. This can give you privacy on the lower portion of the window while being able to look outside in the upper portion. They also can be used to fill an arch with a fan shape.  Other available fabrics are “Sheer”, to allow you to see though the shade fabric, and “Crush” to give a more elegant look.