Cassette 100 (3")



Fascia 3"


Fascia 5".

Square cassette 110

Valance with matching fabric insert

This dust cover Valance has  a PVC valance body with a matching fabric insert for a high end look.

Insert aluminum Cassette

Shade is pre-mounted in the fascia making it an easy one step installation. A matching fabric insert is included to create a finished look. Small fascia is available for SD clutch & tube. Large fascia applicable for all clutches and tubes.

   Square Aluminum Fascia

Available in 3" 4" and 5" profile.  All  Fascias are set with a snap system into the mounting  brackets for efficient Installation.

Contractor Box 5 x 5 Single and  and 9 x 7 Double Shades

Fascia 4"

Cassette 120 (4")